BBC媒体英语:人们 “在潮湿天更容易感觉疼痛”

BBC媒体英语:人们 “在潮湿天更容易感觉疼痛”

People 'more likely to feel pain on humid days'

人们 “在潮湿天更容易感觉疼痛

Many people assume that it's temperature that influences the pain experienced by those who live with conditions such as arthritis.


But researchers found that rather than a cold snap, participants felt the greatest pain on days during which there was high humidity. Low air pressure and windy conditions were also linked to painful days. Dry, still days were the least likely to be painful.


The researchers say their findings could help to develop a pain forecast, which would allow people to plan activities for the least painful days. It could also shine a light on the mechanisms of pain and lead to the development of new treatments.