BBC大学校园英语:13 Deadlines! 作业上交截止日

BBC大学校园英语:13 Deadlines! 作业上交截止日

Narrator: Welcome back to English at University where we're following Mary's first year of study abroad and helping with some useful words and phrases. The new Business Studies students have been busy working on their first assignment and now the deadline is approaching to hand them in. Will they all complete their work on time? I'm sure you have Mary!欢迎回到“大学校园英语”,在这里我们会陪伴玛丽度过她的第一年留学生活,并且通过一些实用句型帮她度过大一生活。这位商科新生一直都忙于第一次作业,现在交作业的截止日期正在迫近了。他们会准时完成作业吗?玛丽,我相信你一定已经完成了!Mary: Me? Yes. Once I got my laptop problem fixed I saved my work onto that memory stick... oh no!


Narrator: What's wrong?


Mary: Daniel's got the memory stick. I must go and find him.


Narrator: Good luck!


Prof.Not: Hello Mary! Looking forward to reading that assignment of yours. Don't forget to email me by the end of the day.


Mary: Yes... yes of course you'll get it tonight.


Prof.Not: Good. Don't forget it counts towards 20 per cent of your final exam mark. See you later.


Mary: Really! Now where is Daniel when you need him?


Narrator: Yes, where is he? If you can't find him you're going to miss the deadline – may I suggest you ask for an extension. An extra period of time to get your work finished. You need to apologise to Sharon and say 'I'm having problems meeting the deadline for my assignment' and try to talk her round so that she gives you a bit more time.


Mary: But I've done my work.


Narrator: We know that - but you haven't got it with you to hand in. So make sure you explain everything to Sharon and reassure her you'll get it sorted – but remember you don't get extensions for any old reason.


Mary: Ok thanks. I'll go and see her now.


Sharon: Oh cheeky. Well we'll do it again if you... oh hello Mary. I'll call you back. How are things?


Mary: Good, ok, bad really. I can't find Daniel... he's got my assignment... well... it's saved on his memory stick.


Sharon: Left it in his room did you?


Mary: No! Nothing like that. I've got to email it to Professor Not today and I can't find it... so I was wondering... well, 'I'm having problems meeting the deadline for my assignment... so is it possible to get an extension for my assignment - please?


Sharon: We can't hand out extensions willy-nilly.


Mary: I have a very good reason for asking. I mean, it's written, it's just I can't find it.


Sharon: Hmmm.


Mary: If I could have just one more day before I hand it in, I'd be most grateful? It won't happen again. Please?


Sharon: Look, I'm seeing Robert... I mean Professor Not... this evening to go over some documents... and I could put in a good word for you... that means say you're hard working, normally reliable and you won't do it again. OK?


Mary: Sharon, you are amazing!


Sharon: Ooo, nobody's ever called me that before!


Narrator: Phew! It looks like Mary has managed to sweet talk Sharon into getting a deadline extension – but she had to be polite and humble. Here's a reminder of some of the phrases she used...


I'm having problems meeting the deadline for my assignment我没办法按时交作业了。Is it possible to get an extension for my assignment please?


I have a very good reason for asking.


If I could have just one more day before I hand it in, I'd be most grateful.


It won't happen again.


You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for studying in the UK on our website at All Mary needs to do now is find Daniel and get hold of that memory stick.

你可以练习这些句子,登录BBC Learning 查阅更多与在英国留学相关的知识。现在玛丽只需要找到丹尼尔然后拿到U盘。

Daniel: Ah Mary, there you are – I've been looking all over the place for you.


Mary: Me too! I need that memory stick – it's got my assignment saved on it. Daniel – I had to go and ask Sharon for extra time to hand it in.


Daniel: You managed to win her over did you! Well don't worry, I've got it here in my... my... oh no... it's gone... I must have dropped it.