BBC大学校园英语:12 Reboot! 重启电脑!

BBC大学校园英语:12 Reboot! 重启电脑!

Narrator: Hello. It's time again for English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad. Mary's been set some work – to write an assignment about business. Always studious and keen to do well, she's getting on with it in the peace and quiet of the library.


Mary: good business needs a good plan. Hmmm.


Daniel: Oh hi Mary. Beavering away?


Mary: Hello Daniel. Well we have got an assignment to write.


Daniel: Yeah but we've still got three days and I work best when the pressure's on. Blimey, your laptop's a bit ancient isn't it?


Mary: It's a new one actually and it does me just fine. Look at what I've done so far... oh no! It's frozen. If I push the arrow here nothing moves. Oh dear and I haven't saved it yet.


Daniel: Proved my point eh? I've got one of those Macpad Fabs – brilliant – fast processor, huge memory, almost does the assignment for you. Anyway, look what you've got to do is just reboot – press this button here... wait a few seconds and ....


Mary: Nothing. Everything's disappeared! Daniel, what have you done?


Narrator: What has he done indeed? Idiot! You've been so diligent – you've worked hard – to get this assignment done, I think you're going to need some help to get it back.


Mary: I know. But I know nothing about technology, what questions should I ask?


Narrator: Don't panic. You need to find someone who knows a bit about technology and say 'I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?' or 'do you think you can restore my work please?', or say 'I turned my computer off and didn't back up my work, is there anything you can do?' – even if it was Daniel's fault. Go and see if you can get some help.


Mary: OK, I will. Oh look, there's that technology student over there. I'll ask him.


Daniel: I don't think he's going to know what to do...


Mary: ...excuse me. Do you remember me from the Study Skills session?


Tech Student: Oh, yes I do. I never forget anyone who uses an Acorn Fastbook 5.4 laptop.


Mary: Yes, good. Well I've got a problem... Daniel has turned off my laptop and I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?


Daniel: I was just trying to reboot it.


Tech Student: Hmm. That's a silly thing to do. Let me have a look.


Mary: Thanks. Do you think you can restore my work?


Tech Student: Did you back up your work?


Mary: Err well no, not before I... I mean Daniel, switched it off. Is there anything you can do?


Tech Student: Oh dear. Well if I do this... ah there bingo! Luckily it was saved on the laptop memory. An impressive 24 gigabytes of RAM in fact. I'd advise you to back it up onto this memory stick.


Daniel: It's alright mate, she can use mine.


Mary: Thanks so much err?


Tech Student: Malcolm. You're welcome. How about having a drink tonight?


Mary: Sorry I can't. I've got to study.


Narrator: Well done Malcolm and well done Mary for asking for help. You got yourself out of a tricky situation by asking these questions...


I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?我好像弄丢了我的文件,我该怎么办?

Do you think you can restore my work please?


Is there anything you do?


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So two days later, and Mary has been working in earnest to complete her assignment and now she's finished, it looks like somebody else needs some help...


Daniel: Mary, Mary... my laptop's broken and I haven't even started my assignment!


Mary: Your 'Macpad Fab'?


Daniel: Yeah. Don't know what's happened but it won't turn on. I couldn't borrow yours could I... and that memory stick I lent you?


Mary: OK - just to help a friend. But look after it and remember to back up your work!


Daniel: Yeah of course. Why wouldn't I? You sure you won't need it tonight?


Mary: No, sure go ahead. I'm going for a drink with Malcolm tonight.