BBC News:足球让我们感到悲伤还是感到快乐?

BBC News:足球让我们感到悲伤还是感到快乐?

Can football make you happy?


So, does football make us happy or sad?


Professor Peter Dalton, who by the way supports Newcastle, has been studying football and happiness. Using an app called Mappiness, his team asked fans to rate how they were feeling out of a hundred before and after a game. They analysed two million responses from 32,000 people.


Professor Peter Dalton, University of Sussex:

萨塞克斯大学 彼得·道尔顿教授:

This is probably the most comprehensive dataset ever collected on happiness. You're twice as unhappy when your team loses as you are happy when your team wins. On average, it makes us sad and on the face of it, it's (a) pretty irrational thing to do - to be a football fan. It doesn't make sense, you'd be better off doing something else.


Back at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland have lost 2-1 and are relegated for the second year in a row.


Football fan:

Come rain or shine, the true fans will be here next season, because if you love your team you'll come, regardless.


Football fan:

You're always hopeful that your team's going to win and you go with the people that you know - you've got friends that go there. Almost like family, we are, you know. And that's what you enjoy. We enjoy the day.


So even if on average football makes us sad, there is always identity, family, hope.


For over two thousand years, China played the game of ‘kickball' . However, it was the British who made the rules for the sport into a system and made modern association football the world's game.早在两千多年前,中国人就在踢一种被称为“蹴鞠”的游戏。然而,是英国人把这项运动的规则变成了一个系统,使现代足球成为了一个被世界认可的游戏。