Group N高中英语听力专线(七)


1.Whe n will the headmaster come back?
2.Who has  Mr.Jones called to come over?
A.A salesman.B.A telephone repairman.
C.An electrician.
3.Who do they want to replace?
A.Their music teacher.
B.Their English teacher.
C.Their maths t eacher.
4.What does the man usually do in the evening?
A.Watch TV.B.See a new film.
5.How does the woman feel at the man’s words?


6.What is the man?
A.A guide. B.A houseman.
C.A policeman.
7.What happened to the woman?
A.Her leg was broken.
B.Her money was stolen.
C.Her briefcase was gone.
8.Who spends the holiday with the women’s family every year?
A.Her aunts and uncles.
B.Her uncles and cousins.
C.Her aunts and uncles and cousins.
9.What does the woman’s mother usually cook?
10.Who washes the dishes in John’s family when they get together?
A.The women.B.The kids.
C.The men.
11.When did the woman begin the work?
A.Three years ago.B.Four years ago.
C.Five years ago.
12.What foreign languages does the woman speak?
A.Spanish,French and English.
B.Spanish,French and Italian.
C.English,Italian and Swedish.
13.What is the woman?
A.A teacher.B.A model.C.A tour guide.
1 4.What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?
A.A manager and an interviewee.
B.A boss and his secretary.
C.An ad.designer and his customer.
15.Which is TRUE of Ms Brown?
A.She has just graduated from a secretary school.
B.She posted the ad.in a newspaper.
C.She can do a lot of things besides driving.
16.What was the result of the interview?
A.Ms Brown was given the position.
B.Ms Brown was refused.
C.Ms Brown was likely to be given the position.
17.Where did the strange noise come from?
A.Pieces of paper on the window.
B.A baby in the waste basket.
C.A mouse under a piece of paper.
18.When did the noise disturb the person?
A.In the middle of her sleep.
B.Just as she turned off the light.
C.After she washed and went to bed.
19.What did she first do when she found the noise came from the waste paper basket?
A.She kicked the basket.
B.She closed the door.
C.She turned on the light.
20.What did she do after she put the basket outside the door?
A.She closed the door.
B.She went to bed again.
C.She didn’t go to bed until the next morning.


(Text 1)
M:Do you think the headmaster could see me tomorrow be fore 9:30?
W:He won’t be in until 11:45.
M:Is 12:40 any good?
W:Yes, I’ll write down the time.
(Text 2)
M:This is Mr.Jones. My heater is not working and the temperature is going to get down below freezing. Could you come over and fix it?
W:This is our busiest time of the year but I’ll speak to one of our men about getting over there sometime today.
(Text 3)
W:What is all the noise about?
M:They are discussing whether they should replace Miss Smith, the music teacher.
M:Because she is not responsible enough.
(Text 4)
W:What do you usually do in the evening?
M:I usually study. But if there’s a new film on TV, I will watch it. After watching TV I’ll do my homework.
(Text 5)
W:Oh, look! Joni Mitchell is in town.
M:Who’s that? I’ve never heard of her.
W:What? She’s one of the greatest folk singers in the world!
(Text 6)
M: What happened?
W:Well, my husband left for work at 7:30. A few minutes later,somebody broke into the house. I guess he thought the house was empty.
M:Where were you?
W:I was still in bed. I heard something in the living room, so I went downstairs.And there was this man, putting money into his briefcase. I guess I surprised him. He ran out of the front door and I ran after him.
M:It’s good he didn’t have a gun.
W:You said it. Well, he fell down the steps and broke his leg. That’s when I called you.
M:We’ve been looking for this man. In the past two weeks, he has broken into 20 homes in this area.
(Text 7)
W:Today’s November 15th. It’s almost time for Thanksgiving.
M:When is Thanksgiving Day?
W:It’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. What are your plans for it?
M:I have no idea yet. What about you?
W:The same as usual. My aunts and uncles and cousins come to our house for dinner.
M:Oh, your family get together. What do you usually do?
W:We usually have a big meal. My mother cooks turkey. But I prepare the vegetables. My aunts usually bring the pies. The women cook the meal,and the men wash the dishes.
M:Really? In my family, when we get together the kids wash the dishes. The whole thing is a lot of work.
W:Yes, but I like Thanksgiving. I was out of the country last year, and really missed it. That’s one time in the year when families get together. John, if  you haven’t got any plans, why don’t you come to my house to spend the holiday with us?
M:Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks a lot.
(Text 8)
M:And when did you begin this sort of work?
W:Let me see. Um...Yes, four years ago.
M:And you enjoy it?
W:Oh yes, very much. It is very tiring with  long hours on the jobs, sometimes...uh...as much as 12 hours. But it’s exciting to meet people from all over the world. It really is.
M:What exactly do you do?
W:Well, I take t ourists to the famous places in the city, tell them the history of the places, and tell them why they’re famous.
M:What special qualifications are necessary for guides?
W:Well, they have to enjoy meeting new people. And they must take special courses in the history of the city and things like that.
M:And do they have to know a foreign  language?
W:That’s a must. My company will hire only people who speak at least two foreign languages.
M:And you? How many foreign languages do you speak?
W:I speak three: Spanish, French and Italian.
M:Three foreign languages? Then I can see why your work is so easy for you.
(Text 9)
W:Good mor ning, Mr Thompson. My name is Mary Brown.
M:Good morning, Ms Brown. Take a seat, please.
W:Thank you.
M:Well, Ms Brown, could you please tell me about yourself?
W:Yes, of course, I’m 18 years old and just graduated from Peterson Secretary School. I read your ad. in the newspaper and know that you are looking for a secretary.
M:Could you tell me what you can do?
W:I can do whatever a secretary is expected to do,such as typing, receiving phone calls,sending faxes, and writing reports.
M:Well, it seems that your qualifications for the job are excellent. Could you tell me what kind of salary you are expecting?
W:I saw in the ad. that this position offers a salary of around  2,013 a month.
M:That’s right.
W:That would be fine with me.
M:Is there anything you would like to know about the job?
W:No,not so far.
M:Good, thank you for coming, Ms Brown. I’ve enjoyed meeting and talking with you. We’ll let you know the result as soon as possible.
W:Thank you. I appreciate the time you’ve given me.
(Text 10)
W:I live in a big old house. At night I can sometimes hear strange noises. Last Saturday I got home late. I went upstairs, washed and went to bed. My bedroom was very cold and it took me about an hour to get to sleep. Suddenly I awoke. The room was in darkness, and I could hear a sound which seemed to come from the window. I lay quite still and listened. Then I heard it again: “Scratch,scratch... scratch,scratch.” It came from the waste paper basket. I turned on the light beside my bed and the noise stopped at once. I climbed out,trembling and went over to  the  waste paper basket. A piece of paper near the top moved ever so slightly. Then I saw a tiny grey face and two little eyes staring up into mine. It was a baby mouse. What s hould I do? He just sat there looking at me, as confused as I was.Carefully I picked up the basket, and carried it to the door. Then I opened the door and went back to bed. In the next morning he went away.


1~5.ACACB 6~10.CBCCB
11~15.BBCAA 16~20.CCACB