Plant Happiness | 种植幸福三步走

Plant Happiness | 种植幸福三步走

Step one: Plant yourself deep in a bed of faith, and pack it down solid and tight. Drench daily with positive thinking, and keep saturated just right. Mulch often with forgivenss, for this will help you grow. Quickly remove anyseeds of worry, for they will soon germinate, and keep out the weeds of despair. Nourish disappointments with hope whenever it is neeeded, and always stay cool and shaded when you feel irritated or heated. Trim  away guilt or depression, for they create decay, and cultivate with happy memories as often as every day.


Step two: Harvest the lessons of the past; just dig, pick, and hoe. And nurture the roots of the present, for now is when you flourish and grow. Start planting for the future; set your goals in a row. Spade the bed well for all your dreams to grow.


Step three: Remember that griefis a natural predator, so learnto tolerate some damage. Protect your garden with daily prayers, for this will help you manage. Bury the criticism and complairung, for they are injurious pests. Sow the seed of love wherever you may go-for joy, love, and laughter are surely bound to grow. Although the thornsof life may be here to stay, just sprout a smile along the way...and be thankful for what you have today!