​Enjoy Yourself | 不管未来怎样,都要过得快乐

​Enjoy Yourself | 不管未来怎样,都要过得快乐

You want to know the secret to success? Here it is:


Believe in yourself so much, that no one else can tell you otherwise.


Also doubt yourself so much, that you feel like no matter how hard you work nothing could ever get you to your goal.


Work so hard, that your friends think you're crazy.


Be ridiculed, be shunned, be ignored, be told no. Get shut down so many times that you become immune to it. That it drives you, and gives you energy.


Set boundaries for yourself. IE don't spend your money going to every show.


Also, go get inspired. Take yourself out of your work cycle, remind yourself why you are working yourself to the bone.


Give EVERYTHING to your craft. If there's someone in your life or something you do that prevents you from working 25 hours a day, get rid of it.


Ingrain the idea in your mind that NOTHING will get you where you want to be other than hard work.


Keep working so hard, that eventually what you are doing isn't work. It's who you are. And now people are taking notice. Your parents believe in you; your friends support you.


Keep doubting yourself. Always know that there's something else better out there that you have to keep working harder than you did yesterday to achieve.


Enjoy yourself. Be happy. Be grateful, be humble.


Keep working your ass off so you can make every single day of your life as good as this one, and better than the day before it.