BBC大学校园英语:08 The Library 图书馆

BBC大学校园英语:08 The Library 图书馆

Narrator: Hello and welcome to English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad.

大家好,欢迎来到“大学校园英语”栏目——这个系列会教给你一些国外留学第一年用得上的实用英语句型。新生玛丽的大学生活已经开始,但是她还没有去那个最重要的地方,那个可以帮助你学习的地方。New student Mary is settling into university life but still hasn't visited the most important place you'll need to go to, to help you with your studies. It's a great place for a bookworm like Mary – it's the library. So Mary, have you got your library card with you?那地方对于玛丽这样的书虫来说可是圣地——图书馆。那么,玛丽,你拿好自己的借书证了吗?

Mary: Yes, I've got it thanks.


Narrator: And your reading list – the list of books you need to read for this year's course?


Mary: I've got it here... I just need to find the books now. Ah, here I am now – The Library.


Sharon: Next...


Mary: Sharon! Do you work here as well?


Sharon: Yes, we tend to double up round here. It's the funding cuts – the university's not got that much money – anyway dear, I suppose you're looking for some books?


Mary: Yes, that's right. Where can I find books about business please?


Sharon: Down there, turn left, then right, then to the end... under 'B'... B for biology...


Mary: and 'Business'. Thanks. Oh no... oh dear... none of the books I need are here!


Narrator: Oh dear Mary. A bibliophile like you – someone who loves reading - needs to get to the library early if you want to get the books you need - but don't worry, I'm sure you can reserve them.


Mary: Reserve them? But what do I say?


Narrator: Go and ask Sharon to check if she has your books in stock – and if not ask if she can reserve them for you – and see if she can put them by for you... that means keep them for a period of time until you can collect them...


Mary: OK, I'll do just that. Thanks.


Sharon: Next! Oh it's you again... any luck?


Mary: No, I'm afraid not. I can't find anything. Please could you check if you have any of these in stock.


Sharon: No... no... no. Sorry, no. It looks like a DANIEL SMYTHE has them all out at the moment.


Mary: Oh dear. Well, perhaps you could reserve them for me please?


Sharon: Of course dear.


Mary: OK. So could you put them by for me when they come in please?


Sharon: Certainly dear. We'll send you an email when they're back in.


Mary: ...and when do you think they will be available?


Sharon: Let's have a look... three weeks' time.


Mary: Three weeks? That's too late! I need them for my studies.


Narrator: Don't panic Mary, I'm sure we'll find a solution. But well done for trying to get hold of those important course text books. You've managed to ask for help and at least reserve the books you need, using these useful phrases...


Please could you check if you have any of these books in stock?请问你能帮我查一下这些书在书库里还有吗?Could you reserve them for me please?


Could you put them by for me when they come in please?


When do you think they will be available?


You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips about studying in the UK on our website at Now, Mary's back in her room. Before she can hit the books – I mean study hard - she needs to get hold of some text books for the next lecture so what's she going to do?

你可以练习这些句型,登录BBC Learning English.com还可以了解更多相关句型以及在英国学习的知识。现在,玛丽已经回到了自己的房间。在她开始用功之前——我的意思是努力学习——她得找到那些下堂课需要的书,那她怎么办呢?

Abi: Oh hi Mary. Something on your mind?


Mary: Yes, all the text books I need have been taken out of the library.


Abi: Oh never mind, there's never time to read those boring books anyway... but hold on... I think I did buy some of them when I was in the first year... let's have a look... there, how about this one?


Mary: 'Mind Your Own Business'! – yes, that's one of them – it looks almost new. Thanks Abi!


Abi: Don't mention it. I don't think I ever read it. You can keep it. Now come on, it's time to eat.