Andrea: Any idea what that was the sound of?

Jean: 这应该是咖啡馆正在做一杯正宗咖啡的声音。 Mmm, I love a good cup of coffee.

Andrea: Well Todder in China was keen to know more about coffee drinking habits in the UK.

Jean: 英国人一向是以喜欢喝茶而闻名于世,那么他们对咖啡又是什么态度呢?大家好,我是董征。

Andrea: And I'm Andrea. We've been down to a local London coffee shop to find out more about coffee in the UK. Here's owner of the Broca coffee shop, Erin Essex.


Generally I think, yeah, the UK has definitely turned to coffee as an option in the morning. You know, it's a fine drink. Still a lot of tea drinkers obviously, but it's slowly getting there, I think, yeah.

Jean: Erin 他说很多英国人都选择喝咖啡。 They've turned to coffee.

Andrea: But of course there is a long history of tea-drinking in England. It is a quintessential English drink, although people in England started drinking it many centuries after those in China.

Jean: Quintessential 最精华最典型的,就是说,茶是最英国的一种饮料。

Andrea: And even more interesting is that tea was introduced to customers through London's coffee houses in the 1600s.

Jean: 而最早在1600 年代茶作为饮品被介绍到英国百姓当中的时候,是由伦敦当地的多家咖啡厅发起的。 How interesting!

Andrea: Anyway back to Erin at the Broca coffee shop. She believes that drinking coffee is slowly getting there, here in the UK.

Jean: It's slowly getting there. 逐渐地成功做到了,喝咖啡的习惯已经开始慢慢的进入了英国。那么 Erin 在他的咖啡厅里都给顾客们提供哪些种类的咖啡呢?


We serve latte and cappuccino, which are Italian derivative coffees. Skinny's just the type of milk and it's a 1% milk versus full fat milk which is a 4% milk. A macchiato is just an espresso with a bit of milk in it which is very common in Spain and Italy and Mediterranean places.

Andrea: Erin talks about different types of coffee that are popular at her cafe. Lattes.

Jean: Latte. 我们中国人也叫它“拉铁”,是用热牛奶煮出来的蒸馏咖啡。

Andrea: Cappuccino.

Jean: Cappuccino. 就是充满牛奶泡沫的蒸馏咖啡。

Andrea: Macchiato, which is espresso with a small amount of milk.

Jean: 还有近年来比较流行的 skinny 咖啡,就是用脱脂牛奶的低热量咖啡。我们在点咖啡的时候,可以说,我要来一杯 skinny cappuccino 或者 skinny latte。

Andrea: And of course the other option that Erin doesn't mention is decaf. Decaf is short for decaffeinated.

Jean: Decaf 就是脱咖啡因咖啡。就是所谓含极低咖啡因或无咖啡因的咖啡,那Andrea,你喜欢喝这种咖啡吗?

Andrea: I do if I have it late at night because then I can still sleep well. But proper coffee with caffeine is really good as a pick-me-up, especially if you're feeling a bit tired.

Jean: Pick-me-up 提神醒脑。那么我们下一个的问题是,英国人一般喜欢在一天的什么时候喝咖啡呢?


In the UK I find people definitely want it in the morning. We're always busier in the morning. And kind of mid-afternoon after school gets out. A lot of parents will come in and have a cup of coffee. It's kind of more of a treat or a relaxing thing. I think people they do do it to perk them up but I think mostly is the ritual involved in coffee drinking. It does take a little bit longer; it's not a fast refreshing drink. It's more about giving yourself a few minutes and enjoying something that's going to perk you up and make you feel better after.

Andrea: So people like their coffee in the morning on their way to work. It perks them up. It gives them a boost for the day.

Jean: 还有劳累了大半天的孩子父母们会在下午的时候到咖啡厅里喝杯咖啡放松一下。Erin 认为大家已经普遍把喝咖啡当作一个休息放松的事情了,喝咖啡就像是一个放松养神的仪式 a ritual.

Andrea: So will Britain ever become a nation of coffee drinkers? Will tea ever be over-taken or be replaced by coffee as the UK's favourite drink?


Definitely not. It is definitely a nation of tea drinkers.Andrea: So it's long live tea! On that note it's now time for us to go, so until the next time we answer another one of your questions on Britain, it's goodbye from both of us at BBC Learning English. And enjoy that cup of coffee!

Jean: Bye!