Another way to love | 很抱歉,以这样的方式陪伴你

Another way to love | 很抱歉,以这样的方式陪伴你

Inside the Russian Embassy in London a KGB colonel pufTed a cigarette as he read the handwritten note for the third time. There was no need for the writer to  express regret, he thought. Correcting this problem would be easy.  He would do that in a moment. The thought of it caused a grim smile to appear and joy to his heart.


But he pushed away those thoughts and tumed his attention to a framed photograph on his desk. His wife was beautiful, he told himself as he remembered the day they were married. That was forty-three years ago, and it had been the proudest and happiest day ofhis life,


What had happened to all that time? Why had it passed so quickly, and why hadn't he spent more ofit with her? Why hadn't he held her close and told her more often that he loved her? He cursed himself as a tear came from the comer ofhis eye, ran down his cheek, and then dropped onto the note.

那些时候都发生了什么?为什么时光流逝得如此之快?为什么他没能将更多的时光用来陪伴她?为什么他没能将她搂紧,更多次地告诉她他她? 他于是开始诅咒起自己,泪水也忍不住夺眶而出,流过面颊,最后滴落在字条上。

He stiffened and wiped his face with the back of his hand. There was no need for remorse or regret, he told himself. In a few moments he would join her and at that time would express his undying love and devotion.


The colonel dropped the cigarette to the floor and ground it out with his heel, then clutched the photograph to his breast,


removed a pistol from his pocket, placed the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trier. In the ashtray a small portion of the note remained. Where it had been wetted by his tear it had failed to bum, and on that scrap of paper were the words "died yesterday".