格利高里·派克 | 名人小故事

格利高里·派克 | 名人小故事

The movie studio wanted Rock Hudson to play Atticus Finch. Fate decreed otherwise. Gregory Peck got the role of the small town Southern lawyer in the 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. The hero of Harper Lee's Pulitzer prize winning novel had been a man much like her father and when the author met the actor on the first day of shooting, she noted“Gregory,you've got a little potbelly just like my daddy.” The star replied, “Harper, that's great acting.”


From his early days as the most gorgeous man in pictures in Spellbound and Duel in the Sun to his long prime with a Mount Rushmore visage and the voice of Yahweh on a good day, Peck was the sonorous pitchman for movie humanism. He showed how a strong man could also be a gentle man. He counseled ethnic tolerance of Jews in Gentleman's Agreement and blacks in Mockingbird. As a crusading attorney who is also a gentle single dad to his two young kids. Peck made rectitude appear robust.


Peck wasn't just an icon. He was an actor, a smart one. He picked hit properties in a wide variety of genres.


Winners and losers are all too clearly defined in today's movies. Peck's best films always found thoughtful shades of gray. Atticus has taken on the case of a black man accused of raping a white woman -- a perilous assignment in an Alabama town in the 1930s. He argues his case brilliantly demolishes the opposition convinces each member of the movie audience... and loses. But Atticus has shown courage in the fight.

今天的影片中胜败泾渭分明。在派克的最佳影片中总能看到发人深省的灰色影子。阿提库斯接手了一桩黑人男子被控强奸白人女子的案子——这在20世纪30年代的亚拉巴马小镇乃是一项要命的差事。他辩护精彩, 驳倒了对方,令影片的每一个观众心服口服…可他败诉了。但阿提库斯在战斗中表现出了勇气。

It's dangerous to confuse an actor with his movie roles. But by all accounts the reel and the real Gregory Peck were close kin. He was a model of probity, a loyal friend to colleagues in distress, a father confessor to the Hollywood community. He chaired the National Society of This the American Academy of That. He was laden with official honors Lyndon Johnson gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom Richard Nixon put him on his Enemies List. Peck received perhaps his sweetest laurel when the reclusive Lee said “Gregory Peck was a beautiful man. Atticus Finch gave him the opportunity to play himself.”


But who will play the Gregory Peck hero now that noble is for wimps and the best place to find integrity is in Webster's? The masculine delicacy that Peck represented is gone from films no star has filled his mold. Movie actors don't have the voice or posture or temperament for it. Maybe America can’t believe in it.

但是,既然高尚已经用在了懦弱之人的身上,寻找操守的最佳地方只有在韦氏词典里,那么,谁又将扮演格利高里·派克式的主人公呢?派克代表的男性典雅已经从电影中消失了;任何明星都无法胜任他的那种类型。 电影演员不具备他那种声音、仪态和气质。也许美国不可能相信这种类型。