Traveling Solo | 独自旅行,解放心灵开拓视野

Traveling Solo | 独自旅行,解放心灵开拓视野

Missed flights, cancelled rides and changed plans make solo travelers incredibly resilient. After grappling through the ups and downs of a solo trip, you're capable of bouncing back from pretty much anything life throws your way.


Solo adventure taught me a ton about relationships and human connection. Solo traveling pushed me out of my comfort zone.


Yes, safety is a concern in certain locations, and it's often pleasant to have someone to share the scenery with. But never underestimate the glory of traveling solo, because you'll learn things you can't learn any other way.


If you have the heart of an explorer, traveling alone is an excellent way to see the world on your own terms. But it can also be scary, particularly if you're a woman concerned about her safety on a solo trip to far-flung corners of the globe. Self-reliance was at the core of your being.

但如果你内心是个探险家,那么一个人独自旅行是看这个世界绝佳的方法。 独自一人也可能很骇人,尤其你若是一个女孩子,独自一人去世界遥远的角落不免担心安全问题。依靠自己是你存在的核心。

As we 'grow up' it becomes impractical to up-and-leave. Valid reasons like job security, relationships and making rent replace our once happy-to-rough-it-for-months mentality. That's a good thing.


As a solo traveler, you are more open, more willing to make friends, and share experiences with others along the way, and this reveals itself in your actions and your face. A well-considered itinerary helps me feel secure and keeps me occupied.


The ironic thing about traveling solo is that you're rarely ever actually alone. There's always an open seat next to you, whether you're on a plane, train, or bus, and sometimes that can lead to unwanted advances.