BBC大学校园英语:05 Registration 新生入学登记

BBC大学校园英语:05 Registration 新生入学登记

Narrator:It's time again for English at University-the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad.Mary's met her new roommate Abi and is settling in well.But before her lectures finally begin there's some admin to do...

Mary: Admin?

Narrator:Administration-paperwork-you need to go to registration and cpmplete some forms. Oh and don't forget to pick up your student card-that will be very useful.

Mary: Oh ok. Thanks. I'll do that now.

Sharon: Next.

Mary: Oh, hello. I'm Mary. I'm new.

Sharon: So is everyone else  you've come to register have you?

Mary: I think so. I think I need to fill in some forms.


Sharon: Oh yes, lots of them. Here you go... next!

Narrator:She's not very friendly-but it's a good idea to keep in with the administration assistant-she can help you with lots of things.Do you need help now Mary?

Mary: Oh yes I do. Look at all this paper... this one asks for D-O-B and this one says plagiarism declaration.


Narrator: Don't panic. Be polite and ask for help. Say something like... I'm really sorry but I'm not sure what to write, or, could you explain this form to me please, or, I know you're busy but I'd be grateful if you could help me. Give it a go  I'm sure she won't bite your head off.

Mary: Bite my head off?! I hope not. Right... I know you're really busy but I'd be grateful if you could help me. Please?

Sharon: Yes of course dear...this is a 'plagiarism declaration' which says that you won't copy anyone's work...just sign it here.This is a form with your important contact details and next-of-kin... that's the person we'll contact if you get ill or die or something.

Mary: And this?

Sharon: Oh don't forget this one. Fill this in and you'll get a student card  that'll give you discounts on books and food and get you into the student nightclub. You'll need to include a photograph of yourself.

Mary: Oh great. Thanks so much...err?

Sharon: Sharon.


Mary: And I'm Mary. One last thing... could I borrow a pen please?

Narrator: Well done Mary. You're making progress. You can usually get help by using these useful phrases...


I'm really sorry but I'm not sure what to write.

Could you explain this form to me please?

I know you're busy but I'd be grateful if you could help me.

And of course...

Could I borrow a pen please?

Visit to practise these phrases and learn more about some of the forms you may have to complete when starting university. Now how's Mary getting on?

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Mary: ...D-O-B...of birth...There all done.


Sharon: Ah, hello sweetheart... are those the forms for me? Great. Now all I need now is your passport... to prove who you are.


Mary: Yes of course...oh no, my passport! It was in my back pocket...

Daniel: Hello... are you looking for this? passport! Oh thank you.

Daniel: You look prettier in real life than you do in your passport photo.

Mary: Thanks!