Oliver Goldsmith:我们最值得自豪的不在于从不跌倒,而在于每次跌倒之后都爬起来 | 名人名言

Oliver Goldsmith:我们最值得自豪的不在于从不跌倒,而在于每次跌倒之后都爬起来 | 名人名言

The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but what they miss.

——Thomas Carlyle, Scottish satirical writer



Histories make men wise; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend.

——Francis Bacon, English philosopher



Life is measured by thought and action, not by time.

——John Lubbock, English polymath



Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.

——Albert Einstein, American physicist



Our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

——Oliver Goldsmith, Irish writer