Pursue Dreams Again | 还记得曾经的梦想吗 愿意再次追求吗

Pursue Dreams Again | 还记得曾经的梦想吗 愿意再次追求吗

Successful people always have adream. They dream big dreams and then display great courage to do things that others say cannot be done.


Your dreams form the foundation of success. Many people have long forgotten the dreams they used to have when they were kids.As they grow older, they are simply too caught up with their work actiivities that they fail to discover what they really want to pursue in life. They find themselves  trapped in a routine work system that can potentially rob them of their dreams.


To get you back on track to pursue your dreams, follow these steps:


Learn dream again: We are bom to dream. Children often share their dreams and what want to be when they grow up. But we hear of teachers yelling in school: "Stop dreaming and pay attention in class!" Parents, too, have shrieked:  "Stop dreaming and get on with your homework!"


Leaming and growing up in such an environment, one may regard dreaming as an unproducdve act. As children grow up, they are told to forget their dreams and be prachcal because  they are living in a"real" world In the end, many do get "realistic" and give up their dreams eventually.

在这样的环境中学习和成长,人们会把做梦当作一种徒劳无益的行为。随着孩子们的成长,他们被灌输的是忘记梦想,实际一些,因为他们生活在一个“现实的”世界里。结果是许多人确实变得“现实”了 ,最终放弃了他们的梦。

Dream big dreams: Never set mental ooundaries on what you are capable of achieving. Dreams are free anyway, so as long as you are dreanung, you might as well dream big. Many people cannot realize their dreams and achieve greater success  because they limit theirrown beliefs.

敢于做伟大的梦: 永远不要给自己有能力做到的事情设定心理界限。既然梦想是免费的,既然你已在做梦,为什么不放飞你的梦想呢?许多人不能实现自己的梦想,不能取得更大的成功,就是因为他们束缚了自己的信念。

Flee from dream killers: Dream killers are devastating to your success. Your friends, colleagues, and even loved ones can be one of your dream killers. There are people who will try to dtstract, confuse, or persuade you to build the life they want, not the life that you want.


Stop listening to the people who tell you why you will not achieve your dreams. You just need to believe you can do whatever it is you want to do. Other people can only discourage us temporarily, but you are the only one who can prevent yourself from being discouraged.


Stop giving excuses: Kids talk frequently about what they can do, whereas many adults do the opposite. Adults tend to talk about what they cannot do and why.


You should stop giving reasons why you cannot achieve your dreams. Many so-called reasons are merely excuses. If you continue giving excuses for not achieving, it will not take long before you  convince yourself that you really cannot accomplish what you originally set out to achieve.


As Henry Ford wisely put it: "Whether you think you can or cannot, you're absolutely right."


Take action immediately: Once you have big and clear dreams, take immediate action to work towards making them come true. Very often, if people do not translate their intenhon into action soon their passion will begin to diminish.


Weeks later, the passion will grow cold and months later, that passion may be gone forever. Think about this: Five birds are resting on the fence and minutes later, three birds decide to fly off to search for food. How many birds are Ieft on the fence?


TWO? Wrong! There should still be five birds on the fence because deciding to fly offis not the same as the actual act of flying off. The birds would not be able to   food until they start to take action and fly out of their comfort zone.