Live My Life Calmly | 静静地活,不埋怨也不嘲笑

Live My Life Calmly | 静静地活,不埋怨也不嘲笑

Almost everybody thinks they are really the masters of their own lives.


I used to think that way, too.


But, that was the past.


Through the uphills and downhills of my life, I've come to realise that I didn't really ever own my own life. And neither did most of the others.


I used to be so restless and shallow. I was always satisfied with what things seem to be at first sight. And I was seldom able to calm down and reflect on the present moment.


But what it really means to own your own life is that you put your heart into the present moment.


Otherwise you're nothing but just a passenger who are forced to drive through this highway that we call life. You don't own it. And you can't enjoy it.


Now, I choose to live my life calmly without restlessness, mockery or complaints.


Being like this, I suddently discovered that my vission had become clearer.


Many problems that troubled me before are now solved.


I'm grateful that I made such a decision. In the past I can only dream what kind of a life that I can live. But now I can live this life as I wanted.