Making a date in the evening | 蓝天之下,土地之上,树苗茁壮成长

Making a date in the evening | 蓝天之下,土地之上,树苗茁壮成长

The sun fell down, the night became dark little by little, everything around me also became quiet ….


The tree says: "Dear land, thank you for the things did for us. Even though how tall and strong we are in the future, we also speak highly of you forever."


The land says: "But my dear kid, I don't  think how wonderful I am. Because also I give my love to the grasses, the ocean, the birds…."


The tree says: "Maybe it is so called universal love people say. Your universal love, lets us have many friends, the spring water that never stops, the great singing sounds and so on."


The land says: "What's more, I will take the snow, the difficulties, and so many challenges to you."


The tree says: "Because of this, we just have steadfast determination, the death-defying spint, and the selfreliance power."


The land says: "Sometimes, I'm so bad, I put a stone under your bottom, let you not take root to grow easily, make you have nowhere to live."



The tree says: "It's taking much exercise ourselves. I know clearly that no trees can live without air all over the world. Although we live in the cliff, there must be some earth under us that is unselfish."


The land says: "Sometimes, I'll cover you merciless, let you not have any reputation forever, without the sunshine or the rain, and you can't become the materials of tall building."


The tree says:"This is another way for us to expend for people. Although it looks so terrible."


The land says: "Sometimes, I also forget your brothers and sisters."


The tree says: "That makes my brothers and sisters grow more quickly."


The land says: "I also let you stand forever, the wind blow on you, the rain whip on you."


The tree says: "The wind's blow and the rain's whipping make us have the position of running. Only in this way, when we stand, we are the trees, when we lie down, we are the bridges."


The land says: "The things that I've done for you, but I don't mean to get the repay from you."


The tree says: "It's exactly the symbols that your heart is so wonderful. You are the pride of us, you will be proud of us in the future."


The sun is coming out again. Under the sky, on the land, the trees are growing strongly and healthily.