Sunflower | 如向日葵般高高站立

Sunflower | 如向日葵般高高站立

I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our awareness.


My wife, daughter, and I moved into our home nine years ago and we spent a lot of time and energy in the yard to get it looking like it does today. We live on a corner, higher than street level, and the entire side of the yard is encased by a professionally built rock wall. The front of the house though is another story because instead of a wall along the sidewalk, the rocks appear to be just thrown up on to the dirt as if someone were in a hurry to finish.


We did the best we could with what we had to work with and called this area our 'rock garden'. Whenever we had leftover flowers or plants, Denise or I would stick them out front, just to bring some colors to the area.


I still do all of my own yard work, even the dreaded weed-pulling. After putting on my kneepads I assume the position to clear the yard of weeds, even in the rock garden.


Last summer I had reached the end of the rock garden and found a tiny little plant that I could not immediately identify, I knew I didn't plant it and Denise claimed that she didn't either. We decided to let it continue growing until we could figure out what it was.


Weeks passed and as I made my way back to the mystery plant, it appeared to be a Sunflower. It was spindly looking with a tall skinny stalk and only one head on it. I decided to baby it along and weed around it. As I pulled rocks from the area to get to the weeds, I noticed something unusual. The Sunflower had not started where I saw the stalk begin. It actually had begun under a big rock and grown under and around it to reach the sun.

几周过去了,我回到那株神秘植物跟前,它好像是一棵向日葵。它还很纤细,长着细高的茎杆,上面只有一个头。我决定好好照看它,除去它周围的杂草。当我 把这个地方的石头挪开以便除草时,我发现有些异常情况。向日葵并不是从我发现茎杆的地方开始生长的。实际上,它从一块大石头下面开始发芽、生长,然后绕过石头,以获取阳光。

That's when I realized that if a tiny little Sunflower didn't let a big rock stand in its way of developing, we too have the capability of doing the same thing. Once our environment begins to see that we believe in ourselves like that little Sunflower, we can attain the same nourishment and nurturing as well.


First, we need to believe in ourselves knowing we have the capabilities in achieving our desires. Like the Sunflower, it knew it had the capability to overcome its obstacle because it trusted in the Universal Truth and had faith it would succeed.

首先,我们需要相信自己,认识到我们有能力达到我们的愿望。就像向日葵那样, 它知道它有能力去克服障碍, 因为它相信普遍真理, 并且相信它会成功。

Stand tall like the Sunflower and be proud of who and what you are and the environment will begin to support you. You will find a way to go under or around.