New Words for 2019


American English, like any other language, evolves and grows over time.


To keep up with a changing language, Dictionary.com adds new words to its online search system each year.


This week, the site announced 300 new additions for 2019. Here in the studio with me is Kelly Jean Kelly. She has been looking into some of Dictionary.com's new additions. Today, we are going to introduce some of these new words and phrases. Hi, Kelly. Thanks for being here.


Kelly: Of course!


Ashley: Now, we will not be doing a deep dive or anything here. There is just not enough time in our workday to talk about all 300 new words!


Kelly: And, also, I have a flight to catch soon...


Ashley: Oh, that's right. Okay, let's get started then!


Kelly: Actually, you already used one, Ashley: deep dive.

凯利:实际上,您刚才已经用到了其中一个词汇,艾希莉,这个短语就是deep dive。

Ashley: You're right! A "deep dive" is a full, or thorough, study of a subject or issue. It is usually in the form of a long report.

艾希莉:是的!所谓“deep dive”是彻底、全面地研究一个主题或者事情的做法。这个词语通常是以长报告的形式出现的。

Kelly: I hope our listeners don't have FOMO -- fear of missing out -- because we aren't going to teach them every new single phrase. FOMO is not one of Dictionary.com's latest additions. It's been in there for a while. However, JOMO is a new one that is very close to FOMO.


Ashley: JOMO? That is one I have not heard. Please explain!


Kelly: JOMO is short for "joy of missing out." It is basically the opposite of FOMO! JOMO means you feel happy or at peace while doing your own thing, instead of worrying about what you might be missing out on.

凯利:JOMO是“joy of missing out”(享受错过的乐趣 )的缩写,意思基本上与FOMO相反哦!JOMO的意思是:一个人感到很开心或者感到内心很平和,因为可以做自己的事情,不必担心错过什么。

Ashley: Huh, I like that one. It reminds you to stop comparing what you could be doing to what you are doing. But Kelly, JOMO is not really a word.


Kelly: Many of Dictionary.com's additions are not words in ...the traditional sense. JSYK.


Ashley: I'm sorry, what?


Kelly: JSYK. Another abbreviation you can now find on Dictionary.com. It stands for: Just....So...You....Know. Just so you know.

凯利:我说,JSYK。这是个缩略词,也可以在Dictionary.com上找到。它代表Just So You Know——如你所知。

Ashley: That sounds really weird to say in real life...just so you know, Kelly! It sounds more like internet speak.


Kelly: That is definitely where it comes from. You know, with all of these social media-inspired phrases, it seems like we might all want to cut back on our screen time. This phrase is another Dictionary.com addition. It's pretty easy to guess what it means. It is defined as "the amount of time a person spends watching or interacting on the screen of a computer, phone, television or gaming system."

凯利:你说对了。这个短语就是源自社交网络。这些都是受社交媒体启发而出现的短语,似乎我们都想减少看屏幕的时间(screen time)。“screen time”这个短语也是Dictionary.com新近加入的另一个词汇。它的意思还蛮容易猜的,即“一个人花在电脑屏幕前、电话中、电视上、游戏里观看或者互动的时间。”

Ashley: That's true, Kelly. A lot of us need to get offline more and pay more attention to our surroundings. Hey, speaking of....stop looking at your phone! We're doing a show here!


Kelly: I hate to tell you this, but I actually have to go. I'm going to miss my flight home!


Ashley: Womp womp. Too bad! We're only halfway done. See what I did there?"Womp womp" is a slang interjection that dismisses or makes fun of a loss or failure.

艾希莉:哎呦喂!那太糟糕了,因为节目才做到一半啊。发现我用了什么表达了吗?“Womp womp”是俚语中的感叹词,表达对失去某件事物或者遭遇失败的否定或者嘲弄。

Kelly: So, you are saying you do not really care whether I make it home for my dad's birthday? Welp, that's it. I think we're done here!


Ashley: Welp! Good one Kelly. Welp comes from the very common interjection"well..." which is used to show displeasure or resignation about something happening...Oh, I might have pushed too far...I'm sorry.


Kelly: No, no, it's fine. But I really have to go! Bye, Ashley.


Ashley: Bye, Kelly! Have a good trip! Hey, I hope you don't have to hear too many painfully unfunny dad jokes while you're home!

艾希莉:拜拜,凯利!旅途愉快!嘿!我希望你回家之后,不会听到很多让人尴尬又不好笑的dad jokes(让人尴尬的低级笑话)